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What Does It Mean to Be Green?

Discover all the ways that children can help protect the Earth and its precious resources in this brand new edition of the empowering and award-winning What Does It Mean to Be Green?® featuring all-new artwork, illustrations, and back matter.

"Environmental challenges like climate change can be overwhelming for children and their families. We need people and institutions of all kinds to create a world where both people and the planet thrive. Through beautifully inclusive illustrations and relatable language, What Does it Mean to be Green? provides all of us with concrete actions to be part of the solution."
Elizabeth Bagley, Ph.D.
Director of Drawdown Learn at Project Drawdown

About the Author

Rana DiOrio

Award-winning Children’s Media Creator

Rana DiOrio has written her way through life—as a student, a lawyer, an investment banker, an angel investor, and now as an executive producer of children’s programming and an author of award-winning children’s picture books. She lives in San Francisco, CA with her three children.

"allowing the rhythm of your breath… in and out, in and out… to make you feel peaceful. …closing your eyes and being still enough to hear your inner voice.”

- What Does It Mean to be Present? (p. 19-20)"

What Does It Mean To Be...?® Series

The award-winning What Does It Mean to Be…?® series focuses on creating content that fosters kindness, conscientiousness,
and entrepreneurship in young people and caring adults.

What Does It Mean to Be an Entrepreneur?

What Does it Mean to be an Entrepreneur? by Rana DiOrio and Emma D. Dryden

Part of the award-winning What Does It Mean to Be…? series, What Does It Mean to Be an Entrepreneur? is an accessible and understandable introduction to children of all ages to the concept of entrepreneurship and creativity.

When Rae witnesses an ice cream-and-doggie mishap, she’s inspired to create a big-scale solution to help get dogs clean. Rae draws on her determination, resilience, and courage until she—and everyone else in her community—learns just what it means to be an entrepreneur.

There’s a society-wide movement to instill entrepreneurial skills and motivations in young people. And this fun approach to a sometimes complicated concept is sure to inspire budding entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

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