Rana DiOrio ’91: Family Ties

When President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, Rana DiOrio ’91 found herself “trying to explain the enormity of that historical milestone” to her young children. But the mother of three couldn’t find the tools to do it.

So DiOrio wrote a book to explain diversity, intended only for her two daughters and son. “I honestly had no aspirations to get it published,” she recalled, as she had spent the previous 17 years as a corporate securities attorney, software investment banker, mergers and acquisitions banker, real estate investor and developer, and private equity investor based in the Bay Area. Her first book, What Does It Mean to Be Global?, was soon followed by a second, What Does It Mean to Be Green? To her delight, DiOrio discovered that writing the children’s books “allowed me to turn all of my cajoling—all those reminders about turning off the water and the lights and wearing your pajamas a second time—into a construct…


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